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Teaching tender, deep, introspective women with a story to tell how to be yourself without apology, both in your writing and in your life.

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About The School of Wild Authenticity

I grew up in a family marked by addiction, narcissism, and abandonment. Because of this, and other things, I left my childhood with the firm belief that everything about me was wrong. My thoughts were wrong. My hobbies were wrong. My frizzy hair was wrong. Everything I said was wrong. Everything I felt was wrong.

I wanted to be a writer, but I couldn’t write because that meant putting all my wrong-ness on a page and that hurt too much. Instead, I spent a decade sitting on a barstool numbing out.

When I got sober I spent the first three years recovering my sanity, and then these last 7 years recovering my creativity. My creative journey has been a deep healing from the belief that everything about me is wrong, because each word I write is defying that old belief and saying instead: “Being right or wrong isn’t even a thing. This is about being YOU without apology.”


3 Habits To Calm Your Fear And Get You Writing!

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"Underneath Emma's calm, kind exterior lives a totally fierce and brilliant badass.  Her clear explanations, warm presence, generosity, and deep skills make her a teacher of the highest standard.  I have learned so much from her!  Emma's classes always enrich my life in ways I wouldn't have expected - and the extraordinary gifts stick around for good."

Julie Wolf
Life Coach

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