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Career Change For Imaginative Women

Your Dull Gray Cubicle job is killing your soul and destroying your creative flow. It's time to make a change so you can wake up, come alive, and do what you are meant to do.

Escape Your Dull Gray Cubicle Job

Creative Inspiration & Project Guidance For Writerly Women

You have something to say, but putting words on the page feels terrifying. You want to start writing, find your authentic voice, and make your creative ideas happen. 

Free Your Voice

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"Do What You Are Meant To Do" is a 5 step guide for when you're TOTALLY FREAKING OUT about being stuck in your Dull Gray Cubicle job forever!!

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"Underneath Emma's calm, kind exterior lives a totally fierce and brilliant badass.  Her clear explanations, warm presence, generosity, and deep skills make her a teacher of the highest standard.  I have learned so much from her!  Emma's classes always enrich my life in ways I wouldn't have expected - and the extraordinary gifts stick around for good."

Julie Wolf
Life Coach

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