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"However many years she lived, Mary always felt she should never forget the first morning when her garden began to grow."

-Frances Hodgson Burnet, The Secret Garden

You sit at your computer, day after day, surrounded by the light cloth of your gray cubicle.

The air in your office is always wrong for you. The temperature, either too hot or too cold.

You probably have a lot of work on your plate, a lot to do, but no matter how stressed you are, you are always bored.

Even when you have a massive deadline looming, your arms feel so sluggish and heavy from ennui you just can't lift them up to type.

You want to do something else with your life, anything else, but the trouble is you don't know what to do.


Here's the problem:  

This job, the one that's killing your soul, has its perks. The pay is decent.  Your colleagues are ok, and somewhere down the line people are being helped by what you do.

The truth is, you can't just quit and run away to Bali to write a book, like you really want to do. No, you need to stay.


But here's your other problem:

You can't stay, because your soul is dying.

At The School of Wild Authenticity, we call this situation being stuck in the trap of the Dull Gray Cubicle (DGC), and we are here to help.

We teach imaginative women like you - the day dreamers, the deep thinkers, the big feelers, the kindred spirits, the lovers of wonder and magic, who probably also secretly want to write a book someday - how to find the freedom and empowerment to make your dream career happen.

We teach you how to break free from the DGC.


Here's what we believe:

There is a path to freedom here for you, and your intuition knows the way.


Here's what we teach you:

  • How to re-connect to and nourish your insides, so you can feel alive again
  • How to figure out what your ideal career is, so you can know what you want to do next
  • How to make an action plan based on your inner knowing, so you can free yourself from the Dull Gray Cubicle and do the great work of your life


I'm Emma Veritas.

I'm a writer, personal development teacher, and the founder of The School of Wild Authenticity. This work is my passion because I remember the pain of sitting in a gray cubicle in a windowless basement office doing work that paid the bills for a non-profit.

I remember the guilt of not being motivated by the fact that the boring work I did would eventually help people and make an impact on the world. I remember desperately trying to be energized by my paycheck. I remember feeling like a real a**hole, because I knew other people in the world had it so, so much worse than I did.

I also remember the excruciating soul pain of the boredom and ennui. I was dying on the inside. I had to get out, and I did. Not in one big leap, which would have been wrong for me, but through a series of many tiny steps that led to freedom.

The steps I took and what I learned along the way, not only got me out of the Dull Gray Cubicle, but also transformed and healed my life, because the path I took was one of turning inward to awaken my intuition and nourish my life from the inside out.

Back then, all I wanted was to not be in that job, but what I got was so much more: more fulfillment, play, fun, joy, freedom, empowerment, and beauty.


This is what I want you to have:

  • The freedom to live a life that nourishes your soul instead of kills it
  • The freedom to do work that enlivens your imagination instead of crushes it
  • The freedom to take the slow, deep breath of relief because you made it


Here's what we offer:

  • Do What You're Meant To Do: a free 5 step guide for when you're totally freaking out about being stuck in your Dull Gray Cubicle job forever!!
  • Find Your True Self Again: An online course to help you remember who you are, so when it's time to make big decisions about your career, you'll know what you really want to do


I can't wait to help you create the life you really want to be living.

In wonder & gratitude,




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