14 questions to help you create an authentic writing routine

Apr 09, 2021




I think one of the most challenging parts of writing is the phase of writing when you go from "Not Writing" into "Writing”. 

When you are not writing you are living your daily life. You're busy, you’re thinking, you’re chatting, and you're working. There are probably 100 different things going on in your head or in your life at any given momet.

Writing is a completely different mode than your regular daily life. Writing is when you get in a zone where you focus on a craft and on getting your words onto the page. It tends to be a quieter, more focused, and often more heartfelt way of being than how we normally go about our days.

The transition from "Not Writing" into "Writing", for me, always feels like I'm going from my big regular life into something smaller and cozier like a retreat. It can be challenging to slow down, clear out distractions, and sink into that creative mindset.


This is where the benefit of a writing routine comes in. I believe a writing routine can make it much easier to go from "Not Writing" into "Writing”, so you can get started with your creative goals.

Here's my routine:

  1. Make a cup of tea or hot cacao
  2. Get blankets
  3. Sit somewhere where I can look at a tree
  4. Put on noise cancelling headphones
  5. Turn on George Winston's piano album, “Summer”
  6. Start typing as fast as I can. It doesn't matter what I write, just start writing anything.

Over the years, I have built strong muscle memory around this routine. My body, mind, and heart have become attuned to these steps.

When I'm running around during my day and I want to write, making a cup of tea is the first indicator to my body, mind, and heart that writing is about to happen. When I get blankets I start to REALLY know writing is coming.

If I'm looking at a tree, with noise cancelling headphones on, listening to "Summer", then almost nothing can stop me from writing.

I see each step of this routine as a plank on the bridge that I follow from "Not Writing" into "Writing". If I just do the first step and the next and the next, then I eventually find myself quietly typing away.


When you create your writing routine, it will probably look somewhat different from mine. Different routines help different people, and it all depends on your personality, your energy level, and your personal likes or dislikes.

What would help YOU go from "Not Writing" into "Writing"? Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you create a wildly authentic writing routine that could really work for you:

  1. Are you a visual person? Would it help you to draw, paint, or create art before you write?
  2. Are you an energetic person? Would it help you to move, walk, stretch, or run before you write?
  3. Are you exhausted? Do you need to take a nap before you write?
  4. Are you an external processor? Do you need to talk out your writing idea before you can start writing?
  5. Are you an internal processor? Do you need to have a good, long think before you write?
  6. What's your favorite beverage?
  7. What's your favorite snack?
  8. What music have you listened to so much it no longer distracts you and you can listen to it while writing? Or do you need to write in silence?
  9. Would it distract you to be near other people while you write? Or does the sound of other people in the background help you write?
  10. Would it distract you to have your phone close to you, or do you need your phone nearby so you don't jump up to go get it?
  11. Are you a morning person, an afternoon person, or an evening person? When do you have the most energy for creating?
  12. Do you write best with paper and pen, or does a keyboard and screen work better for you?
  13. Is there something natural you want to gaze at while thinking? Do you need to look at a tree, water, mountains, or birds?
  14. Do you write best starting off with a writing prompt, an outline, or by writing as fast as you can?


When you create your writing routine, do you what you need to do before you write to help you get in the zone. Then gather your favorite beverages, snacks, or anything you need to help you sit and write. Go to a space where you will feel in the zone, and start writing using the technique that works best for you.

If this seems like a lot to do just to get into writing, remember that the transition from "Not Writing" into "Writing" is part of the writing process.

Give yourself the time and space you need to create an authentically pleasurable writing life for you, so you can start writing and keep writing.



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Today is the New Moon!

In the creative cycle, the New Moon represents a time for turning inward, planting seeds, and setting intentions.

Here are three questions to ask yourself to connect to New Moon energy:

  • What is your energy level today? How do you feel on this New Moon day?
  • What ideas do you feel germinating? What seeds are you planting?
  • What is beginning, and what intention do you want to set for this new, wonderful idea?

Embracing your natural cycles of energy and expression can create a wonderful and sustainable creative life.


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