How to use oracle cards as writing prompts

Apr 26, 2021

Have you ever been stuck with your blog, not knowing what to write next? With blogging it's important to find fun and interesting ways to prompt your writing ideas, so you can start writing and keep writing.

Working with writing prompts can be a seriously fun way to get ideas going.

When you work with a writing prompt, you usually begin with a phrase or sentence to help you start writing. For example:

  • "The other day I _____"
  • "When I was five years old _____"
  • "I am now ready to say _____"

There are endless options for finding writing prompts, including books filled with prompts and Instagram profiles dedicated to writing prompts.

One of my personal favorite writing prompt tools, however, is oracle cards.

Oracle cards are thematic decks of cards with images on them and those images have corresponding meaningful messages, kind of like tarot cards.

My favorite oracle card deck is Kim Krans's "The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit" deck. With this deck, each card features a gorgeous image of an animal, and each card has a corresponding description in the accompanying guidebook.

The cards represent things like: taking mini-vacations from hard work, focusing on meaningful projects to settle nervous energy, or learning how to celebrate and play, and anything and everything in between.

To use these cards as writing prompts:

  1. I shuffle the deck
  2. I pull a card
  3. I look at the image and notice what pops out for me about it.
  4. I read the description of the card and notice what words or sentences stand out for me.
  5. I start writing with those ideas and themes in mind.

For example, if I were to pull the Gazelle card, I might notice how the Gazelle is sitting calmly in the sun. Looking at the image makes me think of relaxing, warm, sunny days.

When I read the description of the card I'm drawn to the idea of it being about coming into the present moment, calming your fear, and not worrying so much.

When I start writing my blog post, I now have a general idea of where I could go with my writing. For example:

  • I could write the story of a specific warm, sunny day in my life and what it meant for me.
  • I could write about nature and maybe even gazelles specifically and what they mean to me.
  • I could write about a time in my life when I learned how to come into the present moment and worry less.

Oracle cards are great writing prompts, because they have images, words, and themes. They are creatively rich and can help you make connections you might not have made before or help you remember a story you would actually love to write about.



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