The courage to write with your sensitive voice

Aug 31, 2021

Hi Courageous Creatives!

When you write, do you feel tender about your writing? Do you want to write about things that feel sensitive to you. Is your style of writing earnest and thoughtful?

I've always been sensitive, tender, and earnest, but when it came time to write in my authentic voice online I was terrified, because when I was young I was taught my tenderness was a liability. I received a lot of negative feedback about having all the emotions all of the time, so I was so scared people would hate my writing if I shared too many feelings.

But I also knew I wanted to write authentically, because I wanted people to get to know ME when they read my blog posts.

Over the course of writing online for a few years I found the courage to claim my sensitive voice, and in this week's episode of the Wildly Authentic Writers Club I share the two powerful steps I take everyday to help me do that.

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Remember, you get to take up space in the world with your authentic voice.

I hope you enjoy the show, and if you have a question about writing hit reply to this email so I can answer it on a future episode!



P.S. If you would love more support, community, and resources around courageously sharing your voice online, come join the Courageous Bloggers Society. We would love to help you share your wildly authentic message with the world!

P.P.S. I'm starting a new blogging project where I am exploring backyard magic and green witchcraft at my new home in the Pacific Northwest. Read the first few posts here! Eeee! I'm very scare-cited about this!


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