The courage to write with your sensitive voice

Aug 31, 2021

Hi Courageous Creatives!

When you write, do you feel tender about your writing? Do you want to write about things that feel sensitive to you. Is your style of writing earnest and thoughtful?

I've always been sensitive, tender, and earnest, but when it came time to write in my authentic voice online I was terrified, because when I was young I was taught my tenderness was a liability. I received a lot of negative feedback about having all the emotions all of the time, so I...

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The courage to write in a deeply meaningful way

Aug 13, 2021

Hello Courageous Creatives!

I've been on a summer hiatus from our emails, and I'm so excited to get things going again.

I love taking time off to re-group, dream, and scheme about my work.

Before I took a break I was releasing episodes of a new podcast I had called, "Courageous Bloggers Podcast", and now that podcast has a new name: The Wildly Authentic Writers Club.

In this show I would love to answer your most pressing questions about inspiring, teaching, and helping others with your...

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What Honeysuckle Can Teach Us About Summer

Jul 05, 2021

"With Honeysuckle's guidance you will be enabled to distinguish what is false from that which is of real worth and usefulness on your spiritual journey. The Honeysuckle will help you to tread safely, remaining true to your beliefs and principles with sureness and lightness in your step."

- Liz and Colin Murray, The Celtic Tree Oracle


I am recalling times where I walked by large honeysuckle bushes and became overwhelmed by their powerful, sweet, thick fragrance.

I am...

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What the Osha Plant Can Teach Us About Summer

Jul 03, 2021

"Osha often refuses to be cultivated, preferring to maintain its home in the hills. Osha encourages you to treat yourself and your story the same - do not think you must change yourself in order to be respected as a wisdom keeper. What is in you is enough."

- Blaire Porter and Brit June, Threads of Fate Oracle (Rose Edition)


This year in the Pacific Northwest summer has taken on a life of its own. Last week temperatures reached 110 degrees, and though the days are now cloudy and...

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What Hyena Can Teach Us About Creativity In Summer

Jun 30, 2021

"The hyena personality is a jokester and crowd pleaser, but below the surface there are unfulfilled dreams to be realized. What would happen if you took your goals seriously?"

- Kim Krans, The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck & Guidebook


As I sit in my new lawn chair on the deck, looking out over my wildly overgrown grass with gorgeous new volunteer flowers popping up, I pick an oracle card to help us learn more about creativity in summer.

I pick the Hyena card from Kim Krans's The...

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Energetic realignment in progress

Jun 10, 2021

This year many things have changed in my life: this isn't a long list, but each of these things is big and so many details change because of them that put together it feels like a million things are different in my life from the start of 2021 to today.

I'm feeling the pull to gather myself inward, to put all the threads together.

After spreading my...

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"Here's the truth..."

May 19, 2021

Today is the Waxing Quarter Moon, the midpoint between the New Moon and the Full Moon.

This is a great time to do a quick win to help you start writing!

When it comes to blogging, one thing that can hold us back is the amount of time, energy, or work we think it will require.

  • Do you think you can't start publishing your blog until you have lots of posts already written?
  • Do you think you need to have your whole life cleaned up before you can start writing?
  • Do you think you...
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The difference between a blog, email newsletter, and social media post

May 12, 2021


When you want to write online, it can become confusing when there are so many different ways to publish your writing on the internet.

What is the difference between a blog, an email newsletter, or a social media post?

This question comes up all the time in the Courageous Bloggers Society, and I'm going to answer it for you today.

Here's my take on the roles your blog, email newsletter, and social media pages can play in your online writing.

I see your blogging website as...

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How to use oracle cards as writing prompts

Apr 26, 2021

Have you ever been stuck with your blog, not knowing what to write next? With blogging it's important to find fun and interesting ways to prompt your writing ideas, so you can start writing and keep writing.

Working with writing prompts can be a seriously fun way to get ideas going.

When you work with a writing prompt, you usually begin with a phrase or sentence to help you start writing. For example:

  • "The other day I _____"
  • "When I was five years old _____"
  • "I am now ready to say...
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14 questions to help you create an authentic writing routine

Apr 09, 2021




I think one of the most challenging parts of writing is the phase of writing when you go from "Not Writing" into "Writing”. 

When you are not writing you are living your daily life. You're busy, you’re thinking, you’re chatting, and you're working. There are probably 100 different things going on in your head or in your life at any given momet.

Writing is a completely different mode than your regular daily life. Writing is when you get...

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