Free Your Voice

A 6-week group program for writerly women who have something to say, but are struggling to get words on the page.

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You want to write.

Maybe you want to start a blog, write a book, post on social media, create poetry, or write in your journal.

Whatever the form, you want to express yourself through words.

But there's a problem. You're struggling to get words on the page.

You avoid writing, and instead scroll on Instagram, binge TV, or get super busy doing any thing other than write. 

Sometimes you try to force yourself to write, but when you do it's painful.

This does not motivate you to keep writing.


You're amazed at all the people out there in the world who are writing!

How do they write so quickly?

How do they express themselves so well?

Words seem to spill out of them like a never ending fount of creative bliss.

You want that!!

Here are some signs it's time to free your voice:

Writing Feels Scary And Painful

You worry about the reactions people will have when they read what you write. Eeking out one word after the next is excruciating, as you imagine horrible criticism.

You Don't Share Your Writing

Sometimes you want to share what you wrote with a friend or post it on social media. This is terrifying. You never do this, even though you'd really like to.

You Don't Write What You REALLY Want To Write

When you do share your writing, you tend to edit it so much it goes from an interesting, lively piece to something that doesn't sound like you anymore.

Sound familiar? When women have lost their voice writing tends to feel scary and painful.

If you want to free your voice and get words on the page, without it feeing so painful, you're in the right place!

"Free Your Voice" is a 6 week group program that will teach you:

  • How to unlock your creative courage, so you can start writing
  • How to unlock your authentic voice, so you write what you really want to write
  • How to unlock your unique motivation style, so you can make your creative ideas happen

Freed voices change the world.


"Free Your Voice" is a small group program that starts on Sunday September 15, 2019. 

Classes are 75 minutes long and will be held every Sunday at 4pm Pacific Time for 6 weeks. (Convert to your timezone at

Classes take place on Zoom, an online video conference system, so you can participate from anywhere in the world!


Section 1: Start Writing

We'll explore the emotional, energetic, and logistical blocks to your writing and begin dissolving them, so you can start writing.

Class 1 - 9/15 - Unlock Your Creative Courage

Class 2 - 9/22 - Unlock Your Ideal Reader


Section 2: Find Your Authentic Voice

We'll explore the Soul Voice, and begin to unlock what your soul wants to express through you. This is the key to getting motivated to write.

Class 3 - 9/29 - Unlock The Power Of Your Anger

Class 4 - 10/6 - Unlock The Power Of Your Love


Section 3: Make Your Creative Idea Happen

We'll explore the style of writing that is most authentic to you as well as the habits and rituals that will keep you writing.

Class 5 - 10/13 - Unlock Your Unique Motivation Style

Class 6 - 10/20 - Unlock Your Authentic Writing Routine


Every class includes:

  • Teaching on the topic
  • Meditation to clear the energetic blocks in your voice
  • Writing exercises on the topic
  • Sacred conversation / Group coaching


In between classes you will:

  • Do a short writing exercise using a prompt based on the class topic
  • Do a short writing activity you create for yourself based on your authentic writing goals
  • (Optional) Participate in an online discussion forum. Note: This is not a Facebook Group. We are using a private forum platform.

About Emma Veritas

Emma is a writer and personal development teacher. She's a committed blogger and is currently working on edits to her first novel. She graduated with her Bachelor's degree in English from the Honor's Program at the University of Massachusetts, where she wrote her thesis on the power of story during hard times. She has completed Martha Beck's Life Coach Training and is an endorsed Soul's Calling Coach. She is a life long learner in the craft of writing, most recently completing courses on fiction writing and plot development through WritersHQ. Her most recently completed writing project is her online course, Find Your True Self Again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! I call my community "Writerly Women". This means writing is a part of your life, you want to write, but you don't necessarily call yourself a writer.

Yes! If you run a business that is your passion, and you want to write authentically about how you can help your people, then this class will help you do that!

This will be a small group class, between 5 and 10 people. You'll be encouraged to participate in group conversation during class; however, if you don't want to participate that's fine. You can always just listen.

There is an online discussion forum for the class. This is an optional platform to discuss the class topics between sessions.

9/15/19; 9/22/19; 9/29/19; 10/6/19; 10/13/19; 10/20/19

All classes take place on Sunday, are 75 minutes long, and start at 4pm Pacific Time. (Convert to your timezone at

We will meet online, via Zoom, a video conferencing system that is perfect for groups like this!

Refunds are available until the day before this course starts, 9/14/19.

Starting 9/15 and after the course is non-refundable.

The audio of all calls will be recorded and shared with the group.

We'll meet every week at 4pm Pacific Time on Sunday. Class is 75 minutes long.

In between classes you will have short writing goals you will set for yourself. Your time commitment will depend on your goals, but you can probably plan on 30 minutes - 1 hour of writing each week.


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