Get clear on your message and set the direction for your blog this season.

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You want to inspire, help, and teach others by writing online, but...

  • You're not sure what your message is right now. What should you write about next?
  • You don't know who you want to write to. Who are you here to help? 
  • You're not sure what style of writing is best for you. What is your authentic voice?

You wish you knew, but you're having trouble figuring it out.


Don't worry. You're in the right place.

With your Oracle Clarity Session you and I will use the wonderful wisdom of oracle cards to answer each of these questions, so you can get clear on your message, your audience, and your voice.

Your session can help you:

  • Know what you want to write next, because you'll get clear on your message.
  • Build your audience, because you'll get clear on who your ideal readers are.
  • Feel empowered in your writing, because you'll get clear on your authentic voice.

Clarity can build the courage and confidence to help you share your beautiful message with the world and impact the people you are here to help.

You don't need to know the "forever" answers to these questions.

In fact, because you are always growing and changing, and the world is constantly transforming, your writing will naturally change as well. I love doing Oracle Clarity Sessions at the beginning of each season, because it gives you a dedicated time and space to get clear on who you are TODAY, and set your authentic direction for NOW, knowing more change is always coming in future.

Your session will be a dedicated time and space to connect to your authenticity, intuition, and knowing, so you can write in a way that is deeply fulfilling for you and your readers.

How It Works



The purpose of your Oracle Clarity Session will be for you to walk away with a clear sense of what you want to write about, who you want to write to, and how you want to express yourself for the winter season.

This will give you a sense of direction and focus you can bring into your online writing.


Oracle Play

To help you find clarity, I will be pulling a 3-card spread for you from one of my many oracle card decks.

  • Card 1 will represent your message.
  • Card 2 will represent who you are here to help.
  • Card 3 will represent your authentic writing style.

I will send you a PDF the day before your session with the images and descriptions of your cards.

During the session we will talk through each one to help you gain insights on your writing life for winter. 


The Nitty Gritty

After you purchase your Oracle Clarity Session you will be sent an email with a link to where you can schedule your session.

At the time of your session we will meet on Zoom, where  we will talk through each card, and I will coach you to help you set the direction for your blog this season.

Session availability begins in January 2022.



Your Oracle Clarity Session is $150 for a 75 minute call + the PDF of your cards

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hi, I'm Emma Veritas!

I'm a writer, blogging coach, podcaster, and oracle card reader. I've been writing inspirational blogs, newsletters, and social media posts for 7+ years. This practice has grown me, and calls me ever deeper into healing everything that stops me from showing up as my true self. It has changed my life, and it changes the lives of my readers everyday. 

I graduated with my Bachelor's degree in English from the Honor's Program at the University of Massachusetts, where I wrote my thesis on the power of story during hard times. I completed Martha Beck's Life Coach Training. I'm an endorsed Soul's Calling Coach, and I'm an Advanced Reiki Practitioner.

I am a life long learner in the craft of writing, and I can't wait to help you get clear on your message and set the direction for your blog this season.

Get clear on your message this season

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