Spring Oracle Card Reading

Discover the next right step for you this season

Available for purchase until Sunday March 28, 2021

The spring readings are now closed, but if you'd love to be the first to know when the Summer readings are available in June sign up here!

You're a creative person who wants to inspire, help, and teach others with your work.

  • You want to write a blog, create art, or design an interesting offer for others.
  • BUT, you're not sure what you want to do next.
  • What message do you want to share?
  • What do you want to create?
  • What's the next right step for you with your work?

You wish you knew, but you're having trouble figuring it out.

This is the perfect time to discover your next right step.

Spring is the time of new beginnings, new birth, and new creations. This is the time to dive deep and ask what you REALLY want to do next.

Getting an oracle card reading is a great way to do this, because with your reading you will:

  • Receive soul-connected wisdom about what to do next with your work
  • Find guidance on how to connect to your own intuition, the part of you that already KNOWS
  • Set an intention for the coming season, so you can be extra clear about where you're heading

With your Spring Oracle Card Reading you'll receive intuitive guidance to help you get clear on the next right step for you.

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"My reading was just what I needed. I've started to buckle down to finish some projects and it's been SO freeing."

 - Cara Pacific Campbell

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How it works

Your Spring Oracle Card Reading will be a gorgeous blend of intuitive guidance, colorful imagery, and soul-connection packaged in a downloadable PDF that I'll create during a sacred ceremony and email to you.

Plus, you'll receive a bonus Seasonal Intention Setting Workbook to help you get extra clear on what you want to create this spring.

Spring Oracle Card Readings are available for purchase until Sunday March 28, 2021.

Hi, I'm Emma Veritas!

I'm a writer, blogging coach, personal development teacher, and oracle card reader. I've been writing inspirational blogs, newsletters, and social media posts for 6+ years. This practice has grown me, and calls me ever deeper into healing everything that stops me from showing up as my true self. It has changed my life, and it changes the lives of my readers everyday. 

I graduated with my Bachelor's degree in English from the Honor's Program at the University of Massachusetts, where I wrote my thesis on the power of story during hard times.

I completed Martha Beck's Life Coach Training

I'm an endorsed Soul's Calling Coach.

I am a life long learner in the craft of writing, most recently completing courses on fiction writing and plot development through WritersHQ.

I have been studying energetic healing, meditation, and the intuitive arts for 15+ years, and I can't wait to share these gifts with you.

Discover the next right step for you this spring

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